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Henderson Activator Method - The experts at Dr. V's Alternative Care can deliver pain relief to Henderson chiropractic patients.

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Henderson Activator Method

This page introduces the Henderson Activator Method and how it has been used as part of a chiropractic practice. The Activator Method in Henderson, a low-force technique, is the most popular technique of its kind in contemporary chiropractic care. The Henderson Activator Method was developed to restore proper balance without compromising comfort and safety; it uses a particular system for adjusting your spine.

Your Henderson chiropractor, Dr Benjamin Lurie DC, delivers the system of the Activator Method in Henderson with a handheld instrument. The small instrument delivers a concentrated impulse with the help of a spring-loaded mechanism. This impulse serves to correct any defective segments of the spine. Patients find the Activator Method in Henderson more favorable because it gives them relief and proper alignment without the need for any manual adjustments. This easy instrument is able to deliver controlled and gentle thrusts so that patients receive positive benefits without unnecessary strain.

Generally, with a hands-on adjustment, the muscles around that particular spinal segment can contract, so as to protect the area being worked on. Spinal adjustments with the Henderson Activator Method can eliminate this muscle contraction because the adjustments are made more quickly than a manual adjustment; the body, therefore, has no time to tighten up. In this way, the Activator Method in Henderson can make the same adjustments with less force because there is no need to compensate for tight muscles. Even though the patient feels a light thrust, the instrument delivers the equivalent impact as that of a manual adjustment.

This practice of light adjustments can work for all ages, body types, and physical conditions. Everyone can benefit from the Henderson Activator Method. The Activator Method in Henderson delivers safe, effective treatments through a concentrated impulse to the affected spinal segment. The direct target to the spinal joint does not allow enough time for the surrounding muscles to react.

Many patients celebrate the Henderson Activator Method and its use in chiropractic care because the instrument makes strong adjustments with gentle force and minimal manual adjustment. If you would like more information about Activator Method in Henderson and how it can improve your life, contact Dr. Lurie at The Neck & Back Clinics to schedule an appointment. Let our experts ease your pain today!

Activator Method in Henderson

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